• Willem De Reuse

      Willem De Reuse 

      Willem J. deReuse, a Belgian-born linguist, teaches at the University of Texas. He specializes in the description of Native American languages and has also written on linguistic theory, and is an expert on the dictionaries of threatened languages. Willem has worked on the Pueblo of Acoma - Language Conservancy collaboration since 2017.

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    • Dorothea Hoffman

      Dorothea Hoffman 

      Dorothea Hoffman believes that the languages of the world are invaluable keys to understanding human culture and mind and she has dedicated her career as a linguist to language documentation and preservation. Hoffman has experience documenting the highly endangered languages MalakMalak and Matngele in remote parts of Northern Australia and has worked with The Language Conservancy on the Acoma Keres project since 2017.  

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    • Wesley Jones

      Wesley Jones 

      Wesley Jones graduated from the University of Chicago and interned with The Language Conservancy's Acoma Keres Dictionary Project during the summer of 2017. He has continued to work on the language, and spent the early months of 2018 in a home-stay with a Keres-speaking Acoma family. He is excited to teach Communicative Keres at the first-ever Keres Summer Institute.

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